Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Oreta Awai Tsubasa

Your fragile Folded Wings
Are you just tired from the pure blue skies
You don't have to force your smiles to anyone
It's okay to smile...for yourself

That lonely feeling keeps creeping up on me
A single candle still burns inside
There shouldn't be an expensive chandelier in a wild place like this
Can I really bury it all with empty words?
I don't even know anymore...

As long as we can swim freely in our dreams
We don't need that sky anymore
Even if you can't let go of the past
I'll still be there to meet you tomorrow

Your fragile Folded Wings
Are you just tired from the pure blue skies
You don't have to force your smiles to anyone
It's okay to smile...for yourself

Alones by Aqua Times

I guess it how I'm feeling now... Tired from the pure blue skies or what other people see.Tired of being good at work, good at life, tired at how things are.And in the end you're forcing yourself to smile to others.

I just finish watching Bleach 141 at the same time I found out my Nakama's left me out for something. In one part someone did ask what happened to these group of friends??? Why didn't they attend school ? (they were busy as Death Gods fighting evil dudes) Did they ran off doing something FUN without Me? Which they did...

Sad sad sad.Is it because its my fault? Being busy? or acting busy? Or it it that I fail to let them know that I was available? Or is it because they took it for granted? Or is it that I wasn't' interested? (which i was 100% interested)?Or is it that I have such a BAD character & behaviour of talking crap away that people just want wait to ignore me therefore they ignore to invite me?And you wanna know the best part??? It already happened to me twice... being left out!

I guess people see what they want to see.They see that he's a lucky fella staying all by himself being in his castle. However people see what they want to see. They fail to realize when they get back at least they have people to talk to... people they see when they are back home.I don't get to see people when I get home...I don't get to talk to anyone (chatting isn't the same) when I get home.And soo there is this Huge Void in me that wants to meet people or do things together.

And so I choose not to force my smiles to anyone
But smile to myself first...

Sorry Dear Nakama's going to hide in my cave awhile... As my fragile folded wings are broken...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Aliveeee

Finally Got the broadband working.Stupid.Took about 5 days just to get a phone line which includes all the hastle to get tru with the fella and ding ding dong dong.Just got the internet and this is my 1st post at "ongzebo"
Need to dash off to work work work.Have fun ppl.
Thank God It's Friday!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pre & Post Merdeka

Merdeka flewwww soo fast.And all we did was watch fireworks go bang bang bang.Andrew said it's Million Ringgit gone in minutes.But worth it-la to see all the bright lights and bang bang here and there.We didn't do much.Just hang out in our Regular Spot "the Padang". And so how did i spend the week before Merdeka?
Shopping for 25 families.Yes Shopping...Our church organized a trip to an Orang Asli settlement somewhere near Tapah.My job was to buy the food.Yup here's the pic of 50% of the food from my car boots.I had to vacume the next day just in case ants start nesting in the car.3 guys had the task.Mr Wong,Mr Wong and Mr Ong.It's funny to buy sooo many cans of sweetened condensed milk an filling it into the shopping card.Then the Maggie Mee,Salt and Sugar.The worst part was buying the 28 Packets of 10kg rice.Even seen someone buying soo much??
And here's a fact for you guys...Did You Knowwwww That we Thai Rice is controlled item in the Retail Outlets??? So you are not allowed to buy 28 bags or rice per family per day in a single receipt...Buttttt you can do so with Local Rice... Ohhhhh And Nowssss You KNowsssss.Yeah No kidding I had to go for the local rice with Dato or Datuk Jalaluddin Hassan on it with says Local Rice.The total bill came out to nearly Rm500 just for the rice alone.And here's another fact.Did you know the the Carrefour shopping trolleys are pretty strong and can withstand your shopping groceries up to 140kg and equivalent of 14 bags of 10kg rice...Ohhh and Nowsss you knowsss.I was really surprised that 2 trolleys are needed just to hold 28 bags of 10kg rice (total of 280kg).Everyone kept staring at us like the election is coming and it looks are if we're going to stay at home just in case something bad happens and we'll run out of rice.
Here's a picture of the church that we attended and we had a fun time with these people(oh yeah we visited them after merdeka 1 Sept 2007).They live really simple lives kids play with Lastic for entertainment and what do they shoot??? Birds, Squirrels, Insect and blah blah blah.Someone did ask them if they had any worries in their life... They answered "Nope we don't have any worries".Puts us all to shame where we live in brick homes airconditioned and all that but still worry alot every single thing in the world today...
These families have a Huge Waterfall as their playground.Fresh Air,Fresh Water and Fresh Fruits.We got a taste of their fresh fruits bananans that taste really really good.Some smart not so smart said that these bananas could make good Goreng Pisang. What man... Ala Natural also need to fry it??? then sure lost all its flavour already...
It was a good trip.Helps me to remember how we should all just be like them contented with what we all have.Oops sorry no pictures of the Orang Asli (they do wear clothes and we did donate used clothes for them).
What else??? Oh yeah I've got a new toy...
Hehehe. It's not actually my new toy rather it belongs to the company.The thing is they didn't gave me a screen protector so I was asking my sis should I buy one?? Then again why should I ? After all it doesn't belong to me what...So how? All I did was to ask my dear sister to give me a sticker.And I got a green worm hahaha.Just in case I misplace it with my colleagues and then all I have to do is find the green worm.Don't ask me what model cos all I knwo now it's a green worm model ...
Here's how the whole thing looks like.I'll call it green wormie?? Gonna say bye bye to sms-ing while driving...
I did went hunting for furniture over in the evening and nearly got conned by a Malay Furniture Shop Lady.Then again that's anther story.Will use the green wormie to take pictures already.HAve a great week people...
Hahaha I like Mr Bong's comment on the INDONIKEA !!!