Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Holy Sheep !!! Stayed for 1 month at Ongzebo

I moved in Ongzebo last month 8th September and now it's already 10th...So I've been here for 1 month...I never really been away from the other house for more than 1 month.So this is something new to me.Feeling alright.Getting used to stuff such as which switch turns on the fan and lights, cleaning the house (my gf thinks it my new hobby to keep the house clean) err what else??? Oh yeah I kinda like watering the plants round my house...hahaha I sound like a HouseHusband to be.
How did I spend my 1 month anniversary?I got back and watch uninterrupted MTV or is it Channel V??? Cannot remember
the new numbers to astro.Anyway as I was watching I caught this video

Wahh really brings back memories man.That song was from 2000 or something around there.Hahaha some of you might laugh-la...Cos "manly" group with "manly" song right

A part of me laughs, a part of me cries
A part of me wants to question why,
Why is there Joy,why is there pain,
Why is there Sunshine in the rain,
One day you're here, next you're gone,
No matter what we must go on,
Just keep the Faith and Let love lead the way
Everything will work out right
If you let love lead the way

Ah ha and that's how I spend my 1 month anniversary watch Spice Girls hahaha
And yes Janvier I do have the time so I will continue this Meme

Those School
Favourite Subjects:
I don't really had any favourite subjects in school don't know why but the subject in secondary school either get too difficult for my small brain or I'm never good at it.I did live Biology where we get to cut open frogs... but other than that nothing much.Maths.. not good at it...physics... not good at it...Pendidikan Jasmani wahhh good cos get to watch sweaty girls in their T-shits (drools).I do have plenty of favourite subjects during Uni days but then again we'll save it for another Meme

Favourite Teacher:
Same same-la.Can't even remember the teachers name...Oh yeah Mrs Chong the English teacher.We did had many fun times as she had creative ideas on letting us create our own commercial in class.And we did remember someone made a commercial on "REPLAY" safety seat belt. Maybe Mrs Cathrine who isn't actually my teacher but rather a teacher/counselor in school she did impressed on me the recipe for success
1.Keep reaching for your dreams
2.Stay focused on it
3.Have good allies along your way
4.Keep studying (yeah right)
5.Keep changing constantly (the most difficult of em' all)

Worste Subject:
Everything???Nah.. none-la... Gotten lazy to think

Sat Beside A Boy or Girl?:
I sat beside boys JasHoo,then Ming Kien, then Andrew, then there's Vignesh and then now I'm feeling very very oldddd cos I cannot remember
I sat beside girl... errr T.PohHwa... and she had a really embarrassing moment sitting next to a nerd like me.. and i think there is someother girl but I can't remember

Hold Any Positions In School?:
Errr I was the Captain of the Rumah Biru sports house...hahaha really I have the school's magazine to prove it.The funny thing is I wasn't voted for the position.I was given that position cos eveyone in that stup*d house were either really naughty or samseng liked guys.And so the Dear Pn.Loh handpicked me hahaha..Other than that... I was an AJK or secretary for what English club??? can't remember.

Represented The School In Any Competition?:
Coral Speaking where we were all in a group and we lost out flat flat flat (wasn't my fault we were bad-lar)
School Prefectoral Games where I got a really huge a$$ scar on my leg (the only clear visible scar there)
Scouts Petaling District Intertroop where we WON !!! Whooo Hooooo my bro has the picture of us carrying the trophy

Still Keep In Touch With Schoolmates After All These Years?
Ah Bah Then... Got-lar some friends who come once in a blue moon with crazy alcohol ... I dunno-lah but I'm sure you all know HOO is the culprit.Then there's the regular people at Bongzebo,Padang and Dota? Still do keep in touch and I'm very proud I'm able to keep in touch with these Fine Girls and Boys who laugh with me (or at me)

Did Form 6?
Nope.I did a Diploma in UPM... Not many people get a chance to do a diploma... I got lucky or unlucky...

Argh its already late... Gota sleep sleep sleep...
One of the not so good sides of staying alone.You don't have people to wake you up if you really wanna be a sloth in your solid bed... sigh... Have a great week people

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