Monday, August 27, 2007

Ladders,Termite Man and ToolBox

Being a cheapskate someone who values money I needed to save as much as I can when deciding on the house. So I hired Bob the Painter.The only thing about Bob the Painter was... He couldn't afford those really good long tall ladders that professionals use.So what he suggested? For me to buy some sticks and nails for him to Build one.Yes Bang Bang Knock Knock.I got all those wood for RM40 only and found out that if I rented those expensive ladders it'll cost me Rm 50 a day.So Heck I bought the wood.Bob had an Indon assistant and it only took him less that 5 minutes to build this 10 Feet (yup no kidding aprox 10 feet) ladder.Power man.I got him a saw and a hammer.He just went straight measure a bit bit and then saw saw saw bang bang bang and wala ! He got this ladder Hahaha. The picture show the ladder nearly reaching the ceiling of the ground floor room.

So what else happened for the week? Called our regular Pesticide Man Mr Chan to help check around the house for any termites. Mr Chan came with his gay Non-Masculine son who goes to the gym.But the son very good-la he even went all the way up to the attic to have a look & spray spray with whatever chemical they used.

He didn't charge me so expensive and even gave me some sticky tape to trap lizards and some rat poison to place around the house. No kidding.

This picture looks weird...But as usual I took all the pictures without them knowing. I told my mum I took the pictures and she ask me to take their faces-la."After all they are friend-friend so no problem" that's what she said. So the verdict... No Termite problems around the house.The wood still solid.
And then one of the night I needed to go find some tool so needed a shopping partner.Andrew was free no gym so we went round finding for tool.Just a simple basic one with at least a hammer and a screwdriver. Went to Tesco cos I thought they had good China Tools there but ANdrew suggested Ikea.No regrets man walking tru the drizzly rain across the road.This tool box comes with a BOX hahaha and it's orange in colour.And it value for money so can use-la for a simple house.Listen to my dad he said "what for use expensive are not a professional also". But I really like my tool box.It's cute and a little bit rubbery for the tools to fit in the slots.So who needs a Hammer??? Give me a ring!


Bong said...

Yeap those indons are pretty good and handy when come to making simple and practical tools. A visit to the indon quaters (near construction site) will be an eye opener to see how creative they are. Maybe they can open one INDONKEA next to IKEA next time.

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