Thursday, August 23, 2007

A Special Meal ???

I had an Organic Lunch with one of my customers the other day.Was suppose to spend him and his wife but it ended up that he belanja me instead...Yeah-la cos he's much older (59 years old funny how many things you can learn from others just with a simple lunch) plus he has lotsa money also.
The thing about having an organic food for a meal is the "fact" (no bluffing) that you can really feel the difference when you sit on your throne in the toilet.The "stuff" just flows out without any "umph".And that's what happened to me but I was a bit shocked...Why cos the colour turn out to be red.So the 1st thing that ran through my mind...Am I having Periods??? Hemorrhoids bleeding...not that I know of ? Then I's the same colour as the Dragon Fruit ! Dammit Got Conned.

Trying to find this MP3 for this video.Pretty cool.It's the 6th Theme song for Bleach by Aqua Timez a Jap group not like the Aqua we all used to listen to.Liked the sketches of shoes running around.Looks easy but I bet it ain't.

Here's the Cute Version by the same song.The Teddy Bear(Kon)starts the intro of the song.Enjoy... Yikes Been blogging 2 days in a week...Exceeded my quota already!

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